Project Overview

Construction has started on improvements to the Kingston and Marysville Wolfe Island ferry docks.

There are three active construction sites in order to do this work. The Ministry of Transportation’s (MTO) contractors are as follows: Kehoe Marine Construction, for the dredging project; GIP (previously known as Coco Paving Inc), for the Kingston Dock project; and Facca Inc, for the Marysville Dock project.

These three projects are required to upgrade both docks and the channel of the Kingston to Wolfe Island ferry route, and to accommodate the new larger ferry. It has been determined that the current ferry was near or over capacity, thus requiring the upgrades of both docks in Kingston and Marysville, as well as the need to lower the riverbed in certain areas to allow for the existing and new ferries to travel to Marysville all year.

Projects began during the summer and early fall of 2020 and are anticipated to be complete by Fall 2023 for Marysville Dock and Spring 2025 for the Kingston Dock. See each project page for more details.