Dredging Project

The successful contractor for the Ministry of Transportation’s (MTO) dredging project is Kehoe Marine Construction. Construction has begun with the work for the dredging of the riverbed at the Kingston Shoal and Barrett Bay.

The project includes excavation/dredging to deepen and widen the riverbed along the Wolfe Island ferry route between Kingston and Marysville. This will ensure that the existing and future ferry service has enough clearance for operation. The improvement project is to meet the new minimum water levels allowed in Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River by the International Joint Commission (IJC).

The work will be staged over two years. The first year, 2020, will be for preparation, organization and dredging of the Kingston Shoal and 300 metres of Barrett Bay. The remainder of the time will be focused on dredging of the remainder for the Barrett Bay area.

The area shaded in maroon closest to the City of Kingston is the authorized dredging area of the Kingston Shoal. The material dredged will be trucked off-site.

The area shaded in maroon closest to Marysville is the authorized dredging area in Barrett Bay. In contrast, the material dredged here will be disposed of in the pre-determined Open Water Disposal Area (area shaded in yellow).